Word of the Day

ljósmóðir (n)


This word means midwife but actually translates directly to “mother of light.” It is a combination of ljós (light) + móðir (mother) and was actually recognized as the most beautiful Icelandic word as voted upon in 2013, according to a poll taken by the University of Iceland. There were 30 other finalists that you can read about in English here. Yet again, Icelandic has impressed me by the incredibly poetic sound to the literal translations of its words. To see a midwife as a “mother of light” is something I can not only visualize, but -feel-.

Some of my other favorite finalists include:

Gluggaveður (n): Window-weather (Weather that is nice to look at through a window, but not nice to be out in.)

 Raðljóst (n): enough light to find your way by

 Víðsýni (adj): a panoramic view, or, open-mindedness

Fiðringur (n): a tingling sensation

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