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flugeldur (n)


A combination of “flug” (flight) and “eldur” (fire). Flight fire! But that isn’t all. If you’re a rocket scientist, you’re called a “flugeldur vísindamaður.” “Vísindi” (science) and “maður” (man/person) added to flugeldur makes that a flight-fire science-man. (Or if you’re a woman you can go ahead and call yourself a flight-fire science-person).

(Flugeldur pronunciation here)

(It may be true that flight fire in essence means fire flight, as a better interpretation).

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  1. Great blog 🙂

    Just a slight correction: “flugeldur” or more precisely its plural form “flugeldar” means fireworks in Icelandic. The word we use for rocket – as in space rocket – is “eldflaug”. Rocket scientist would be “eldflaugavísindamaður”. Flugeldur is only used for very small rockets such as the ones used for fireworks displays. Flugeldur also sounds a bit formal – the more common and colloquial word to use for a small fireworks rocket would be “raketta”.

    • lexitrobe says:

      Ah! That is so very helpful! I can see how raketta would sound less formal, I really love that.

      One of the hardest things about creating this blog is knowing that I’m no expert on the language, and may be wrong in some aspects. I try to ask as many Icelanders as I can find before I post something, but things can slip by easily. I guess that’s just the risk I take, but it’s worth it when you have Icelanders saying they’ve wanted to learn more about their native language as an effect of how I present it to them. But thank you very much for the correction, and I’ll make sure to go and change it this evening.

      Thanks for reading 🙂

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