Word of the Day

fagurblá (adj)

“azure / as blue as the sky”


Fagur” means “beautiful” and “blá” means “blue,” making the color azure not only blue, but a beautiful blue. No reasoning has been determined for it, but it can be easily imagined that the sky has been considered the most beautiful blue, which happens to be of an azure hue.

In other terms that declare themselves the beautiful version of something, we have “fagurfífill,” meaning “daisy” but translating to “beautiful dandelion.” And then “fagurgæs” translating to “beautiful goose” and meaning the red breasted goose, which is certainly the most beautiful goose I have ever seen.

Red-breasted_goose_arpUpon researching them, I found that they are extremely rare in Iceland, and mostly live in Siberia. Although I can’t guarantee this source was correct, I did read that there seems to have only been 3-4 sightings of this bird in Iceland, and they travel from Britian (after traveling to Britain from Siberia). Imagine the lovely account of seeing such a rare, colorful bird randomly in Iceland’s landscapes. A true fagurgæs.

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