“What Lies in Your Heart?”

I decided to shock myself a little by changing the language on Facebook from English to Icelandic this evening. I came the conclusion that it was time to take the leap, and unfortunately I am so lost! But, of all the words I could comprehend, something on my timeline really stuck out:

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 12.36.21 AM

I recognized words like “staður” (place) and “mynd” (picture), but there was a word that didn’t quite match with the original Facebook I knew. It’s “hjarta,” or “heart.” Usually in this comment box, Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?” Seeing the word heart mentioned definitely made me speculate a more poetic interpretation. The full sentence in question is actually “hvað liggur þér á hjarta” which translates approximately into “What lies in your heart?” A few Icelanders have told me that this is not an intentionally poetic creation on Facebook’s account, but rather the actual term for asking someone what’s on their mind. I guess this could be considered a phrase of the day, because it goes alongside all of the other poetic compounds mentioned in previous posts.

For your own viewing pleasure, here is an example of what I now have to go through on a daily basis with Facebook:

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 1.09.04 AM The last one is neat in that picture because it says “Lexí now uses Facebook in Icelandic.”

And so it begins.

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1 Response to “What Lies in Your Heart?”

  1. i’ve also been using facebook in icelandic for a while now and i enjoy whenever i show a screenshot of a facebook thing to some, then their reaction might be, “wait pille are you really using facebook in icelandic”

    (but then again i’ve been trying to expose myself to quite a bit of icelandic so this is very usual in my case and my closer friends sure know it, hah)

    and whenever i stumble upon a part of facebook i hadn’t seen in icelandic yet, i’m like, “oh hey! what does this translate to?”

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