1529695_10204290386921914_325268191651453772_oA few years ago I discovered an Icelandic band by the name of Sigur Rós, and upon letting them become a part of who I was, my entire life changed. Since April 2013 I have fallen terribly in love with Iceland, its language and culture, and all the beauty of its landscape. I was finally able to travel to Iceland in July 2014 for a few months, studying Iceland at the University of Iceland and the University of the Westfjords. I spent weeks on end in the mountains, I fell in love with them. I found that Iceland is the only place I think I’ve ever been able to call a home. Since being back in the United States, I’ve felt an emptiness within myself; my heart is in Iceland and I will be doing everything to come back to gather the pieces of myself I left in the mountains.

10604577_10204541763646175_3889321892179226304_oMy name is Lexi and I’ve decided to write a blog to express to others the beauty in a rare language and (generally unheard of) culture. Through Icelandic I’ve discovered my own fascination with linguistics, and as a writer I feel that I’m in tune with the poetic nature of such an old language. It’s beautiful, and I wish for people to discover this in the culture.

As far as the name of this blog, I have chosen to give it the title “Endalaus,” or “Endless” in English, because I feel that it is the root word in my developing love and passion for the language. It is also a representation of the cyclical aspect of beauty that everything around us presents.

For more information on how I discovered Iceland, you can read about it here: Why Iceland?

If you would like to contact me for questions, comments, or just some insight you may be able to share with me, you can email me at lexitrobe22@yahoo.com


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